Bill Harvey has been a Certified Rolfer since 1984, a Certified Advanced Rolfer since 1990, a Rolf Movement Practitioner since 1999, and has been a practitioner of various types of cranial work since 1986. Over the past twenty years he has taught ongoing study groups integrating cranial work with Rolfing. He has served as a member of the Rolf Institute Board of Directors for five years, a co‐editor of Rolf Lines for four years and has been a contributor of articles and interviews to Rolf Lines, and the IASI yearbook. He has developed unique training for integrating Biodynamic Craniocardial Therapy with the practice of Structural Integration. With an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters degree from Harvard University, Bill brings a deep sense of “evidence‐based inquiry” to his teaching and practice. Through his many years of research and experience, Bill understands the powerful healing potential of our bodies and spirit with a multidisciplinary approach that is based on the client’s innate ability for self‐healing.