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Many practitioners of the available modalities of bodywork and massage therapy approach their clients with a “one size fits all” protocol. This is unfortunate because the reasons that people come to see practitioners are rarely simple and straight forward. Do your have that low back pain (or neck pain or shoulder pain) because you “moved funny and tweaked it”? Or is it there because of an ankle that was sprained years ago? Or a fall on the hip while skiing? Or because of a chronic bladder issue? Or because of a whiplash from an auto accident many years before? Or because of the way your job forces you to move many times a day? Or because of that jellyfish you stepped on at the beach? Or because you hold your breath constantly? Or because a virus such as Lymes is lying dormant (or not dormant) in your hip joint? Or because “bad hips run in my family”? Or because “I always knew my body would start to fall apart by the time I reached 35, and now I’m 35? Or because because because….. The interplay of these three primary modalities that I offer, Rolfing-Structural Integration, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Rolfing Movement Therapy, offers meaningful support to resolving the vast majority of issues that drive clients to decide to visit my office for a session. Each issue is approached with the humility, respect and the thorough exploration that the underlying causes deserve.
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